Laplandentry - Coronavirus testing

COVID-19 testing points for persons entering the country

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Enontekiö ja Muonio

Hetta, Health Centre

Address: Kuntokatu 4
Make an appointment via phone.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 0.00pm–2.00pm
Contact information: +358 40 714 2851

Karesuvanto, Health Centre

Address: Syväjärventie 3
Opening hours: Wed-Thu 1.00pm-3.00pm
Contact information:
+358 400 233 618

Muonio, Ojustie 

Address:  Ojustie, Muonio
Make an appointment via phone.
Opening hours: 
Mon-Thu 8.00am-4.00pm, 
Fri 8.00am-2.00pm 
Contact information:
+358 40 662 4565

Muonio, Emergency services

Address:  Pirkantie 11
Make an appointment via phone.
Opening hours: 
Mon-Fri 4.00pm-9.00pm
Sat-Sun 8.00am-9.00pm  
Contact information:
+358 40 714 2845


Address:  Käsivarrentie 14645 (Saanatie) 99490 Kilpisjärvi
Opening hours: 
Mon–Fri 9.00am-3.00pm 
Sat-Sun 9.00am-6.00pm
Contact information:
+358 40 623 2626




Ivalo health centre

Address:  Sairaalantie 15, 99800 Ivalo
Appointments: weekdays 8.15am-10.00am and 1.00pm-2pm;
+358 40 188 7400
In acute and urgent cases of sickness you may call the number of the on-call nurse around the clock, 24/7. 
Tel. +358 40 770 9187.



Kittilä health centre 

Address: Sairaalantie 2, 99100 Kittilä
Opening hours: Weekdays 8am-4pm,
Sat-Sun 10am-2pm 
Contact information:
+358 400 356 498
Further information:  The samples will be obtained outdoors, at the ambulance door, at the end of the outpatient clinic.  



In connection with the Kolari health centre

Address: Sairaalatie 4b, 959000 Kolari
Opening hours: 1 pm–1.30 pm, 5 pm–5.30 pm 
Contact information:
+358 40 152 9185



Address:  Tullitie 1, 95700 Pello 
Opening hours: every day 7.00am-9.00pm
Appointments: Mon-Fri 8.00am-4.00pm and Sat 9.00am-2pm. Tel. +358 40 713 2771, At other times: +358 40 823 7975
Further information:  The testing point is located at the border.  Instructions for arrival: 




Address: Lapinkävijäntie 2, Rovaniemi (container in the yard of the bus station)
Opening hours: weekdays
at 7.30am-3.20pm 
Appointments: Occupational health clients and persons who have previously been tested, please book an appointment online:
Others: +358 20 692 190


Mehiläinen, drive in

Address: Sairaalakatu 1, Rovaniemi
Opening hours: Mon–Fri at 7.30am–2.30pm, Sat-Sun at 8.30am–11.30am
Appointments: Without an appointment



Address: Shopping centre Revontuli 1st floor, entrance from the South end of the shopping centre, through its own front door (Repolainen’s playground)Opening hours: Mon-Tue at 7.20am-2.00pm,
Wed-Fri at 7.20am-1.00pm, Sat at 9.00am-11.30am
Appointments: Without an appointment



Salla social and health centre, reception of persons with respiratory symptoms and infectious patients, as well as the COVID-19 testing point 

Address: Jungintie 3, 98900 Salla
Opening hours: Every day
at 7.30am–8.00pm
Contact information:
+358 45 665 3454
Further information:  Guidance to the testing point is from Kuusamontie street. A map with the testing point marked will be given from the Salla border post.  



Border crossing point of Karigasniemi 

Address: Norjantie 5, 99950 Karigasniemi 
Opening hours: 9.00am-9.00pm
Contact information:
+358 40 682 2348
Further information:  Tests in the motorhome located in the yard of the Customs 


Border crossing point of Utsjoki: Utsjoki health centre

Address: Seitatie 1A, 99980 Utsjoki (approx. 800 m South along national road 4)
Opening hours: Open 24/7
Contact information: Weekdays:
+358 40 1810285, Evenings and weekends:
+358 40 1810281


Border crossing point of Nuorgam

Address: Nuorgamintie 4701, 99990 Nuorgam
Opening hours: 9.00am-9.00pm
Contact information:
+358 40 655 0250
Further information:  A caravan in the parking lot, also in the same parking lot the container of the Border guard detachment